Culinary Arts

It wouldn’t be more appropriate to say that I am used to performing tae kwon do in kitchen – and it’s quite like a stand up comedy show for others. The challenge is to undertake culinary art instead of just being convivial. I – as an exchange student will be taking place in United States of America – fairly should have some idea of what Pakistani food is like. But nothing comes out of nothing, so I toil hard and end up with burnt onions, too much salt, or just name any kitchen mess.

During all this I have discovered I am not a kitchen-person, but this discovery has no power to just stop me further…

P.S. I tried to make beans in Desi way it turned out to be something like – forget it!
My dad said, “I turn out to be hostile in kitchen, void!”
– “Please avoid! I won’t stop trying.” 


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