Being an exchange student puts me first to explain what does it mean and why is it so important to me, my very first VLOG (video blog) is up on in which I talk about such subjects. 

When I showed this to my host mom Miss Cheryle Williams, she said,

‘Abida your efforts are great, tonight I will be going out in the meeting of all host families and in Toledo, Ohio and I will show them what you’ve done. Your accent is also Perfect!’ 

And when I showed this to my Regional coordinator, she said,

‘This is very fine but its only a start. We have great activities planned for you already, be ready for them and to keep video blogging.’





The society; not a phase, neither a place but is a process that molds who we are. The month of fasting – Ramadan dawns. And the flow continues… Fragile veils over the top of heads, the Riksha wala would no longer prefer songs but Qawali, the Taylor Swift curls would dangle out of Dupatta, wailing singers on Ramadan special shows for their artistry professions and yet the fault in our Pakoras would just continue with Iftaar parties.

10531053_591920237588565_800559902_nSo just going with the flow…

Culinary Arts

It wouldn’t be more appropriate to say that I am used to performing tae kwon do in kitchen – and it’s quite like a stand up comedy show for others. The challenge is to undertake culinary art instead of just being convivial. I – as an exchange student will be taking place in United States of America – fairly should have some idea of what Pakistani food is like. But nothing comes out of nothing, so I toil hard and end up with burnt onions, too much salt, or just name any kitchen mess.

During all this I have discovered I am not a kitchen-person, but this discovery has no power to just stop me further…

P.S. I tried to make beans in Desi way it turned out to be something like – forget it!
My dad said, “I turn out to be hostile in kitchen, void!”
– “Please avoid! I won’t stop trying.” 


“Your Story Isn’t Over Yet”

Daily Prompt: Punctuation

Punctuation, be it any one, has a charm; but the glamorous flair isn’t punctuated at everyone’s command. The aspects of such a mark do never exist singly for glamour, but the use which is moderate: stronger than a comma and fragile than a period is a semicolon. This mark yields the continuous flow.

Semicolon is hard to tackle for a great many people including authors: George Orwell, Martin Amis, George Bernard Shaw; who misunderstood, misused and shunned it. Indeed, such paradoxical opinions led some semicolonists to protect it from being a distinct species, and a community for the Preservation of the Semicolon was formed.

And yet here I am, loving this stylistic and very helpful punctuation tool. This just never lets you stop from whatsoever someone’s up to, so we’re not just winking ; we’re punctuating.

Review: The Burnt Shadows

The agonies of bomb clawed and clustered over masses were not only physical, but mental as well as long lasting. The surviving Hiroko Tanaka, a suitor of Konrad Weiss, running from all the pain drops at Burton’s door of Delhi in 1954. Struck with all the beauty of Delhi, Burtons and Sajjad Ashraf’s; she absorbs it all.

Carrying the birds that bomb left on her back, Sajjad touched them, admired and married Tanaka. The couple, with singular notion of love, passed ages in Pakistan, raising a Raza Konrad Ashraf. Still the dimness of past, be it personal or political kept on thrusting the lives of Burtons, Ashrafs and the Tanakas. From Pakistan to New York to Afghanistan it all bursts with a dilemma of 9/11.

Kamila Shamsie depicts people hoisting history, relations, and cultures all in one book which is thriving and robust in its own way.

What EL James and Stephanie Meyer THINK!!!

EL James popularly known as the author of  “50 Shades of Gray” and Stephanie Meyer of romantic series of novel “Twilight Saga”; leave behind a common trace in their writings. They, both of them, indicate in their characters and their natures somewhat frequent and yet appealing facet.

Be it ‘Ana Steele’ from 50 Shades or ‘Bella Swan’ from Twilight, the pair has a really stubborn nature which often gets dominant over their boyfriends. The one and other cannot eat and even then have this terribly hot figure. The reason of  marking of these facets is not because I dislike such work of great thinking but to show to all those girls who madly read such stuff and imagine, should not skip the reality show. The consequent fact that millions of girls out there have no strength to ‘not eat’ like women of mentioned books. They may not want to break relationships because of being stubborn.

Yet we have Edward Cullen and Christian Gray, amorous to extreme levels and with such fine built; only stick to one girl whole of their life. We all know God has created beauty rather competing! Why can’t such guys even feel spasm when get to see a beauty like/more than their own girl. Comparatively, the certain truth is boys often get distracted, pray readers, tell me am I not correct?

Passably such peachy books these are, well-thought with fantastic story-line; but yet reality maybe bit sour and can’t be ignored.