Review: The Burnt Shadows

The agonies of bomb clawed and clustered over masses were not only physical, but mental as well as long lasting. The surviving Hiroko Tanaka, a suitor of Konrad Weiss, running from all the pain drops at Burton’s door of Delhi in 1954. Struck with all the beauty of Delhi, Burtons and Sajjad Ashraf’s; she absorbs it all.

Carrying the birds that bomb left on her back, Sajjad touched them, admired and married Tanaka. The couple, with singular notion of love, passed ages in Pakistan, raising a Raza Konrad Ashraf. Still the dimness of past, be it personal or political kept on thrusting the lives of Burtons, Ashrafs and the Tanakas. From Pakistan to New York to Afghanistan it all bursts with a dilemma of 9/11.

Kamila Shamsie depicts people hoisting history, relations, and cultures all in one book which is thriving and robust in its own way.