What EL James and Stephanie Meyer THINK!!!

EL James popularly known as the author of ¬†“50 Shades of Gray” and Stephanie Meyer of romantic series of novel “Twilight Saga”; leave behind a common trace in their writings. They, both of them, indicate in their characters and their natures somewhat frequent and yet appealing facet.

Be it ‘Ana Steele’ from 50 Shades or ‘Bella Swan’ from Twilight, the pair has a really stubborn nature which often gets dominant over their boyfriends. The one and other cannot eat and even then have this terribly hot figure. The reason of ¬†marking of these facets is not because I dislike such work of great thinking but to show to all those girls who madly read such stuff and imagine, should not skip the reality show. The consequent fact that millions of girls out there have no strength to ‘not eat’ like women of mentioned books. They may not want to break relationships because of being stubborn.

Yet we have Edward Cullen and Christian Gray, amorous to extreme levels and with such fine built; only stick to one girl whole of their life. We all know God has created beauty rather competing! Why can’t such guys even feel spasm when get to see a beauty like/more than their own girl. Comparatively, the certain truth is boys often get distracted, pray readers, tell me am I not correct?

Passably such peachy books these are, well-thought with fantastic story-line; but yet reality maybe bit sour and can’t be ignored.