“Your Story Isn’t Over Yet”

Daily Prompt: Punctuation

Punctuation, be it any one, has a charm; but the glamorous flair isn’t punctuated at everyone’s command. The aspects of such a mark do never exist singly for glamour, but the use which is moderate: stronger than a comma and fragile than a period is a semicolon. This mark yields the continuous flow.

Semicolon is hard to tackle for a great many people including authors: George Orwell, Martin Amis, George Bernard Shaw; who misunderstood, misused and shunned it. Indeed, such paradoxical opinions led some semicolonists to protect it from being a distinct species, and a community for the Preservation of the Semicolon was formed.

And yet here I am, loving this stylistic and very helpful punctuation tool. This just never lets you stop from whatsoever someone’s up to, so we’re not just winking ; we’re punctuating.